100% Iso Protein


Iso-Protein is the 100% ALL NATURAL protein powder, perfect for maintaining a healthy physique and attaining a higher energy!

Iso-Protein is highly unique; it is very low in carbohydrates and fat, but absolutely rich in essential amino acids, the very building blocks of protein's many benefits. Iso-Protein's uniqueness is further impressive in that it contains nothing artificial.

Iso-Protein's Unique Features

* Made from 100% CFM Whey Protein Isolate, the pure and gentle protein, for vastly superior absorption.
* No artificial sweeteners; naturally sweetened with low-glycemic fructose
* Tastes Great!
* Contains powerful immune-enhancing protein fractions, exclusive to Iso-Protein's ingredients.
* Zero artificial anything - 100% Natural Guaranteed.
* Convenient to use; shakes up instantly with no messy blender.
* Suitable for all body types and ages.
* 3 convenient flavours: Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla and Unflavoured Natural (perfect for fruit juice smoothies!)

Iso-Protein is a great protein source that gives all these benefits, without adding empty calories to your diet. Iso-Protein is nature's food, just concentrated and made vastly more bioavailable, for maximum benefit!

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